थोरियम घोटाला’ का खुलासा करने वाले सोशल एक्टिविस्ट अभिनव शंकर पर हमला

थोरियम घोटाला’ का खुलासा करने वाले सोशल एक्टिविस्ट अभिनव शंकर पर हमला

Abhinav Shankar : Since I have started to write on ‘Thorium Scam’, I used to get threat mails & phone calls. Here is link when first time I had got it: [B][LINK=http://www.bhadas4media.com/article-comment/7002-2012-12-01-06-32-37.html]http://www.bhadas4media.com/article-comment/7002-2012-12-01-06-32-37.html[/LINK][/B]

But soon I made a mind not to publicize such cheap acts as it gave space & value to morons unnecessarily & discouraged good people at large too. So even after getting regular threat calls & mails I never again disclosed it, neither on social media nor on my regular articles. Only precaution I took: I bought back my phone numbers from all websites where my article used to get publish & my no. was given like IBTL, Bhadas4media, Pravakta.com etc..

These Threat calls happened to be once in a month, once in two months like. But in past few weeks I got 3 calls. During one such call, I was warned to show a trailer if I continued !! I took it casually as always. But Yesterday at around 6-6:30 it seems that they tried to their best to keep their words. However It was a flop show according to me. A big Friday-flop like RGV’s horror movies as it could never meet it’s motive: To be able to frightened !!

I was on bike & driving on a turn. A man suddenly comes before me. I applied front brakes. He came to me, gave a full fist on my left chest, tried to put his hands in pocket and snatch phone. Intresting was, although wallet was also there in same pocket, he seemed to be interested in phone only. All in few seconds !! Before I could understand anything. Immediately ran away. Even I could not see they were one or more. Due to my injured leg, I could not resist as much I should: I have a guilt of this. I wish to follow but my six sense stopped me to go after them.

After a while when I got my senses back, I decided to go PS. Soon I called Srijan Shilpi sir who in very short time has become my guide & guardian here in delhi. Upon his advice I reached to PS with all details. But local policemen appeared to be a bit arrogant. So I needed to activate my network: Jemin Panchal Bro & others. Police came under pressure and put mobile on tracking. I am trying to conclude this case more effectively. Meanwhile I found encouraging support of my friends. I am grateful to all of you for this.

[B]अभिनव शंकर के फेसबुक वॉल से.[/B]


Rohan Agrawal :  Expose & share UPA’s Thorium scam for which they are threatening Abhinav Shankar – fearless whistle blower! This is the series of articles written by Abhinav Shankar on India’s Thorium Scam. Those rebels on my list should share these on their board. Many thanks.


थोरियम घोटाला के सम्बन्ध में हुए हमले की खबर

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